Offers instant digital reach for the South African Mass market.

MoyaApp is a super-app that offers #datafree messaging and a wide range of #datafree digital content millions of daily active users in South Africa.

MoyaApp bridges the gap between the digital world and the mass market allowing users to send and receive messages, browse + 300 apps & websites on Discover or transact on MoyaPay without mobile data or airtime.


User Journey

Full Screen video ads, short length deliver high view completion rates with exceptional impact and engagement. #datafree eradicates the data cost barrier. Consumers incur NO DATA COST to view vertical Instagram Style, 10-second, full screen, pre-loaded instant-play video ads.

Reach and engage a mobile-first audience of up to 4 million daily active users in South Africa. Run unique brand awareness activities, opt-in offers and promotions with much higher user engagement than other platforms, because it’s #datafree.

Engage your users, through opt-in MoyaApp chat messaging. Users receive and reply to messages or bot integrations #datafree. Send individual or broadcast messaging with links to #datafree content, offers and promotions.

Industry leading results

Quicker Reach

DAU> 50%

of MAU

Better Click Throughs

10-20% CTR

compared to 1 – 5%

Higher Conversions

+4% CVR

compared to 1 – 2%


Our reporting platform provides detailed insights and metrics, allowing brands to review performance against plan: impressions, click throughs, complete views, opt-ins and message delivered.