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MoyaApp v6.1.8:

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

You can update MoyaApp from Google Play

You can update MoyaApp for iOS on App Store

You can update MoyaApp for Huawei phones on AppGallery

If your MoyaApp is taking longer than usual to update, uninstall MoyaApp from your device and download MoyaApp from Google Play or AppGallery

Please note that updating MoyaApp is not #datafree, you must have data on your phone or be connected to Wi-Fi to update MoyaApp.

You can also download and share the Android app install file (not #datafree) from here


It is very important that you do this so your messages are delivered immediately and you get new message notifications straight away.

MoyaApp does not use standard Google notifications service like other apps, because Google does not allow them to work #datafree.

So we have to use our own notification system that works #datafree, even when you have no airtime or data balance.

To make this work go to “My Profile” and tap “Enable background activity”.

This will make sure MoyaApp is always running and does not get put to “sleep” by your Android system.

Do not worry about the standard battery warning message - we can assure you MoyaApp does not drain your battery.

If you do not see the enable background activity option that means you have already done it.



Voice & video calling feature has been added to MoyaApp v3.0.1 and higher.

Voice calling available on MoyaApp iOS, however video calling is not yet available on MoyaApp iOS, coming soon😁

If you experience any technical problems please contact us using the feedback form in “Info & Questions”.

Please note:

  • MoyaApp voice & video calling is NOT #datafree
  • For MoyaApp calling to work, each user much have v3.0.1 or up to the latest version MoyaApp
  • You cannot call contacts who have older versions of the MoyaApp.

How to use MoyaApp calling

Go into a chat with a contact.

If both of you have v3.0.1 of MoyaApp or higher you will see a call icon at the top right of the screen - just tap to call!

If you do not have, or only one of you have v.3.0.1 of MoyaApp or higher, you will not see the call icon in a chat.

You must update to the latest version of MoyaApp to use Moya calling.


MoyaApp is designed to never collect or store any sensitive or personal information. MoyaApp messages cannot be accessed by us or other third parties because they are always end-to-end encrypted, private, and secure.

Messages are secure

All personal messages in MoyaApp are secure using end-to-end encryption.

End-to-end encryption ensures only you and the person you are communicating with can read what is sent, and nobody in between, not even MoyaApp.

This is because with end-to-end encryption, your messages are secured with a lock, and only the person receiving your message and you have the special key needed to unlock and read the messages.

This happens automatically - there is no need to turn on any setting.

Messages stay with you

MoyaApp does not store or keep a copy of your messages after delivery, ever.

End-to-end encrypted messages are only stored on your device and not MoyaApp servers after they are delivered.

MoyaApp data collection

MoyaApp does not collect or store any personal data about you, other than your phone number which you need to register and verify in order to use MoyaApp.

MoyaApp does collect anonymous information about your smartphone device to help us improve delivery of our services.


You have the choice to allow MoyaApp to discover which contacts in your phone address book are MoyaApp users.

Information from the contacts on your device may be securely transmitted to the Moya server in order to determine which of your contacts are registered.

MoyaApp does not permanently store your contacts information on our servers.

No data sharing

MoyaApp does not share any of your data with third party companies or Big Tech like Google, Facebook etc., ever.

MoyaApp does not share data about your contacts, ever.

MoyaApp does not try to track you across other websites or profile your activity for ad targeting.

You are in control

We want to make sure you know what is happening with your messages.

If you don’t want to receive messages from a person, you can always block them directly from the chat or delete them from your contact list.

Just long press on a chat or contact and select the option in the pop-up menu to do this.

You can read the full MoyaApp Terms and Privacy Policy here.

Can you hide your last seen?

Yes, you can. Click on the 3 dots displayed at the top right-hand corner then go to settings, then uncheck the “broadcast and last user interaction” box.

There are unknown people inviting me, is this MoyaApp not secured?

MoyaApp is 100% secure and all messages are encrypted. Any person that has the MoyaApp can invite anyone else to join the app. We at MoyaApp do not retain or share any user information.

Why am I receiving the MoyaApp SMS verification pin?

MoyaApp will NEVER spam you with SMS's. This usually happens when someone also unknown to us (mistakenly) enters the wrong number when registering on MoyaApp and the verification SMS is sent directly to the number entered when registering on MoyaApp. However rest assured, nothing will happen to your personal data as they do not have the pin and they are not using the correct number, your data is safe!


  • Please note that MoyaApp iOS does not have the Backup & Restore feature yet, we are Working on it. We appreciate your patience 🙏🏽

It is great to remember some special chats or to pickup from where you left off, but not so great if we delete them by accident or change phones. The Backup function allows you to Create backup and to Restore your chats that can be saved on your phone's internal storage, but you can also choose to have it stored on your phone's external memory, or even share it to your cloud storage for backup.

  • If you do not backup your chats and uninstall or clear all app data, you will not be able to get your old chats back.
  • If you change your number and register again on MoyaApp again with a different number, you will not be able to get back old chat history that belonged to a different MoyaApp account.

Here is how to create your backup:

  • Click on the three vertical dots next to search icon and select Backup
  • select Create backup and enter a pin to secure your backup.

Restore your backup

  • You can easily restore your backup by going to the Backup tab
  • select Restore enter your backup pin and your chats will be restored -you will get a notification to confirm, it's that easy!


What's fun and interesting about MoyaApp?

Besides for our #datafree messaging, you can also check out the Discover section for more #datafree fun and helpful things to see.

Do my contacts also use MoyaApp?

If you provide permission for MoyaApp to read your Android contacts we can see which of your friends also have MoyaApp.

Click on the green + at the bottom of the Chats screen. Your contacts who are using MoyaApp will be displayed at the top with a clear distinction between them and those who are not using MoyaApp.

No, it is not related to WhatsApp at all.

If I use MoyaApp, is WhatsApp free?

No, MoyaApp has nothing to do with WhatsApp

Can I send messages to Facebook or WhatsApp?

No, you are not able to send messages from MoyaApp to any other messaging app.

Why are message attachments not free?

Media attachments require much more data than text messages, and if all media messages were free, we at MoyaApp would not have the ability to keep the lights on :-(

How to delete or hide a chat?

Go Chat, long press on a chat you would like to delete or hide then select from the options that pop-up.

How to unhide a chat

To unhide your hidden chats, simply go to your contact lists on MoyaApp and tap on the contact who's chat you have hidden, tap or open the chat and the chat will reappear on your chat tab.

What is #datafree?

#datafree means there is no data cost for you to access or use the app or website. You can download, install, register and use MoyaApp for text messaging with no data cost if shared via SHAREit.

'Indicator' dots have been placed on the top right corners of each app/ website on Discover to indicate if the app/ website is prepaid access or NOT datafree:

  • Orange dot: app or website is NOT datafree
  • Green dot: prepaid access Or available datafree if you have a verified MoyaPay account (Please read Prepaid content below)
  • Apps without the dot are datafree, please note some of these apps are datafree if you have a verified MoyaPay account.

Datafree with MoyaPay

Some apps are datafree ONLY if you have a verified MoyaPay account, therefore we will cover the data costs for you. MoyaPay is free, with no monthly charges, no debit orders - EVER, and datfaree. You will always be notified if you do not have a MoyaPay account to access content.

Prepaid content

For the past 3 years, we at MoyaApp have been paying a global provider of sports data to bring you the top quality sports updates for free, however this has become expensive for us. To help cover the cost, we have introduced prepaid content.

Apps like Flash Score along with all prepaid apps will need you to pay for the content you would like to see. Prepaid access means that you as the user will pay for the content you want to see for how long you would like to see it. The prepaid content apps are datafree, therefore you DO NOT need data to open Flash Score or apps that are prepaid as you only pay for the content you want to see. MoyaPay will NEVER allow debit orders, ever!

You will need to pay via MoyaPay, making the process quick, easy and datafree. If you do not have an account yet, please register on MoyaPay.


How do I check my profile?

Click on Menu (three dots) on the top right-hand side of your screen. Select my profile. Tap “EDIT” to change your profile name or status message. Tap your profile picture to change it.

Can the app’s theme change colour?

This is not available at the moment but might be with a future update.

How do I post my profile picture?

Select “My Profile” in the bottom navigation bar then tap the profile picture icon to add your picture.

How do I change my name on MoyaApp?

Select “My Profile” in the bottom navigation bar then tap “EDIT”.


MoyaApp statuses are finally here!

Here are some cool MoyaApp status features:

  • Status updates from your contacts will be shown below your status update.
  • You can navigate to your profile while in the the status tab.
  • You can upload unlimited #datafree text status in one go by selecting the (+) button while updating your status
  • Pictures and video updates are not #datafree
  • If you have no data and your contacts have uploaded a picture/ video status, you will not be able to see their status, instead you will see a blank picture.
  • Once you upload your status, it will be available for 24 hours.
  • You can change and customise the background and the text colour of your status.
  • You can also reply to your contacts status updates.
  • To refresh status, drag/swipe down on the status area.
  • You can now move text around,
  • Improved photo and video compression

We are continuously working on improving MoyaApp statuses. More features will be available soon!


How do I see if my friends are online?

In order to see if your friends are online, you’ll need to go into the contact card of your friend to see their online status.

How do I invite people?

Click the green + on the Chat screen and click Share MoyaApp at the bottom of the screen.

Can you please send me your contact details?

You can contact us by email:

Or you can contact us via the MoyaApp Feedback form provided in the Info & Question folder.

How do I delete messages?

Just press and hold the message, a popup menu titled “Message options” will show and you can hit “Delete message” there.

Alternatively, to delete an entire chat you can tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the conversation screen, then select “delete chat”.


Public group chats

A “public” chat group means anyone can join the group and any group member can add another user to the group.

How do I make a group chat

In the main chat screen swipe across to GROUP CHATS then:

  • press the green plus sign at the bottom right of your screen to create a new group chat
  • give it a name
  • decide if you want it be read only or a public group chat
  • choose some participants (contacts) to add to the group.

Group owners and admins

As a chat group owner you have control of the group and can add or remove users.

You can give admin privilege to certain members of the group chat - just long press their name and select to make them admin.

You can also delete the whole group chat if and when you decide.

How do we join groups?

You must create a group chat or be added to a group chat by an owner or admin.

Will joining a public group cost me any data?

No it will not. MoyaApp is and will always remain #datafree. The notification you get before joining a public group is to warn you that some users may send media files, such as pictures and videos and those files will cost data to view or download.


MoyaApp Browser has been discontinued, however the apps are now more organised in relevant folders 😉

The MoyaApp browser is a fast, secure, private browser to go anywhere on the internet.

The MoyaApp browser is not datafree - it needs to use your mobile data or WiFi.

But it does save data cost and save data storage on your phone.

Save data cost

The MoyaApp browser blocks ads and other tracking tags in websites, to save you data and go faster.

Did you know online advertising often uses more data than the content of a website?

It can be that as much as 80% of your data is taken by advertising.

Seems crazy right? But it's true.

We did research to measure the data cost of online advertising in South Africa.

Secure and private

Use the MoyaApp Browser for searching Google and going to websites like Facebook and Instagram so:

  • they cannot track you across the internet
  • they cannot track your usage between apps
  • to remove sponsored ads
  • to use less mobile data
  • to save data storage on your phone.

Try it and you will see!

Why do we do this?

To make things more convenient, faster and less costly for you :-)


Share MoyaApp and chat with all your friends #datafree. :-D

  1. Tap the menu bar at the top right of this screen (three vertical dots).
  2. Select “Share MoyaApp”.
  3. Select how to let your contacts know about MoyaApp! 8-)


Check out our official MoyaApp page on Facebook

Please LIKE and SHARE the MoyaApp page and help spread the word about datafree and MoyaApp 8-)


Where did MoyaApp come from?

MoyaApp was developed in 2019 in South Africa by a company called Datafree Africa Pty Ltd :-)

How many people are using MoyaApp?

MoyaApp has grown by word of mouth to over 6 million active users in South Africa, and continues to grow by around 20,000 new users every day! :-)

Where are you located?

We have offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Centurion.

How many MB to download this app?

The MoyaApp is 30 MB to download to your phone.

Lost or stolen phone? / Changing phones

If you want to switch to another phone using the same SIM number, you need to install MoyaApp on the other phone and register as per usual.

MoyaApp can only operate on one phone using the same phone number - same like for WhatsApp.

When you register for MoyaApp using the same phone number on another phone, the MoyaApp on a previous phone will be disabled.

If you want to transfer your messages from an old phone to a new phone you must use the backup/restore option in MoyaApp.


At MoyaApp we want to help people in these difficult times with COVID-19 causing hardship and affecting so many people.

So we decided to provide a #datafree link to the SASSA website for the special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD).

We do this at our cost as we pay for the mobile data, not you.

It is important to understand we are not SASSA, we do not work for SASSA and we do not operate the relief grant website.

We just help you to connect with the SRD website #datafree.

If you have any questions about your grant application, please contact SASSA by:

  1. Email:
  2. USSD: *134*7737#
  3. Call centre: 0800 60 10 11

Please make sure that you have the latest version of MoyaApp to access the SASSA website via MoyaApp.


Why can't I see “last seen”?

You should be able to see the last seen at the top of your screen of the chat you’re in. It should be displayed below the contacts name. Kindly note however, that if your contact/s choose to not broadcast their last user interaction, you will not be able to see their “last seen”.

Contact list does not refresh to show friends on MoyaApp

There is an option to force a refresh of contacts.

On the chat home screen:

  • press the + button to select a contact to start a new conversation
  • at the top right of the screen there is “refresh” circle icon to force a new sync of contacts.


Update to the latest version of MoyaApp from the Google Play Store.

Or you can download and share the Android app install file (not #datafree) from here

How do I tell what version I am using?

  • go to the main Chat screen in MoyaApp
  • tap the top right menu bar (three vertical dots)
  • Select “Help”
  • at the bottom of the menu list you will see the version of MoyaApp you have installed.

Version history

MoyaApp v6.1.8
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
MoyaApp v6.0.13
  • Improve sending and receiving contacts
  • Fix Backup creation and restore on Android 13
  • Stability and performance fixes
  • Much better battery performance
  • bug fixes and optimisations
  • Much better battery performance
  • Performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Brand new MoyaPay experience
  • Fixes and improvements for video calls
  • Allow switching from audio to video call
  • New dark mode feature
  • Improved call answering
  • Status UX update & improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • New dark mode feature
  • Improved call answering
  • Bug fixes
  • new dark mode feature
  • bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Show user profile pictures in higher resolution
  • Improve quality of video calls
  • BIG improvements in message delivery & notifications
  • Improve message delivery reliability
  • Performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Various bug fixes
  • Hide MoyaPay for non-South African users
  • Various bug fixes
  • Show dot on discover apps that are prepay content
  • Various bug fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • Warn before using a non #datafree Discover app
  • Performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Improve reliability of message delivery
  • Various bug fixes
  • Provide faster access to profile screen
  • Various improvements and bug fixes
  • Important bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Important bug fixes and performance improvements
  • New 'Favorites' and “Recently Used” folders in Discover
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements for Statuses and MoyaPay
  • Support for online payments using MoyaPay
  • Various fixes for app crashes
  • Optimize performance and bandwidth usage
  • MoyaApp Statuses
  • bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • bug fixes and performance improvements
  • preparation for MoyaApp Status updates in next version
  • improvements to MoyaApp calling
  • tap contact name to view contact details
  • bug fixes and performance improvements
  • removed support for Android 4.4 (sorry)
  • MoyaPay technical integration
  • message delivery ticks displayed in chat list
  • changed ring tone for Moya calling
  • bug fixes and performance improvements
  • performance improvements
  • bug fixes
  • introduction of MoyaPay
  • big performance improvements
  • bug fixes
  • voice & video calling warning when no data
  • bug fixes and performance improvements
  • voice & video calling big fixes
  • voice & video calling
  • bug fixes
  • new internet browser feature
  • bug fixes
  • fixed app crashing on some devices
  • fixed MoyaApp registration problem on some devices
  • bug fixes
  • performance improvements
  • fixed problem that affected Android v5 devices
  • performance improvements
  • added automatic pick-up of SMS message with PIN code
  • changed app to use new Moya white icon image
  • fixed problem with welcome to MoyaApp registration screen
  • option to record high quality, non-datafree voice messages
  • easier access to option to block users
  • improved explanation when phone number registered on another device
  • updated welcome to MoyaApp screen for registration.
  • bug fix for crashing problem on some versions of Android
  • changed to double ticks for message sent, delivered and seen
  • bug fixes.
  • bug fixes.
  • bug fixes.
  • bug fixes.
  • added backup and restore option for messages
  • performance improvements in Discover
  • bug fixes.
  • bug fixes
  • fixed problem with entering SMS verification code on phones with small screens.
  • increased #datafree voice notes to 60 seconds
  • fixed bug with profile pics not displaying
  • added option to invite users to private chat in public chat groups
  • voice notes in personal chats are now #datafree!
  • bug fixes with public group chats
  • preparation for #datafree voice messages
  • implemented user privacy in public group chats
  • group chat performance improvements
  • minor bug fixes
  • fix problem from previous version with Wikipedia and a few other apps in Discover
  • fix problem with SMS verification PIN entry on some phones
  • minor bug fixes
  • minor bug fixes
  • new option to “report” users who are being abusive etc.
  • much improved first time user registration process
  • double fixed bug when accessing some #datafree website links and games!
  • fixed bug when accessing some #datafree website links and games
  • fixed last seen and online status problem in version 2.10.2
  • added favourite emojis
  • bug fixes and performance improvements
  • fixed install problem on certain devices
  • added favourite emojis
  • bug fixes and performance improvements
  • fixed first letter capitalisation in default keyboard
  • bug fixes and performance improvements
  • added option to delete message in a chat
  • fixed bug accessing “Leagues” in Goal Zero for Android 4.4. devices
  • added option to delete message in a chat
  • more bug fixes
  • improved support for Android v4.4 devices
  • performance improvements & bug fixes
  • support for Discover country customisation
  • fixed app crash problem that was happening on some devices
  • performance improvements & bug fixes
  • fixed problem in v2.9.0 that caused MoyaApp to crash on some devices
  • swipe between chats and group chats
  • long press on contact in chat screen to see menu options
  • long press on chat to see menu options
  • bug fixes
  • fixed problem leaving chat groups
  • chat wallpapers
  • clear history in group chats
  • fixed games and other Discover apps not opening
  • fixed bottom navigation bar disappearing occasionally
  • fixed warning message when leaving #datafree zone
  • refresh of MoyaApp contacts from phone address book
  • attach media icon moved to message text input bar
  • share icon at top of screen for public chat groups
  • group chat owners can destroy / delete group
  • options to delete chats, clear history and leave group
  • bug fixes
  • only owners or admins can change chat group name
  • fixed tapping the name of users who have left a chat group
  • public chat groups
  • share link for public chat groups
  • option to share link to public chat group
  • optimised delivery of group chat messages
  • notification dot on chat icon in bottom nav bar
  • Introduction of Discover feature
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