Women’s Day Feature: Women in Gaming

Aug 9, 2023 | News

Happy Women’s Day to all the amazing, phenomenal women of South Africa!

In honour of Women’s Day, why feature an amazing women from the Datafree and MoyaApp family doing great things in tech and revolutionizing the game blogging industry in South Africa?

Rushka Samuels, also known as RushkaGG is a South African gaming content creator and co-host of the Banter Bit podcast that covers the latest news and trends in the local gaming industry. Her projects include annually hosting a Women’s Day gaming event to spotlight femme gamers in South Africa.

Her upcoming projects include the ACGL Showdown – a fundraising event happening on the 19th of August to donate and spotlight two NPOs, Rape Crisis and The Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children.  Her favourite type of games are FPS and horror.

Keep representing and flying the flag high for young women in e-sports and gaming industry to bring awareness and celebrating women of colour in this space.

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Here is some insight from other female gamers:
1. Androva: “My name is Naledi and online I go by my gamer tag ‘Androva’. I am a variety streamer and gaming content creator from South Africa with a focus on gaming, lifestyle and relatable content.
My main audience are gamers, geeks and tech-heads of colour as I strive to add diversity to the local gaming & streaming scenes.”
2. Jess Hinds: “Variety Streamer | Full-Time Gaming & Tech CC | South African | LGBTQIA+ | Things my community is currently bullying me for: Having a large forehead, never finishing a game & not finding Pedro Pascal attractive.”
3. Zeee3_: “Formerly known as Zee_3_P_Oh. I’m just pressing Alderaan buttons hoping for the best… Currently streaming every single day with a current addiction to Marvel Snap! “
4. Mamma Succubus: South African – Fulltime Twitch Affiliated Streamer.  Lots of IRL Streams And Sloppy Gameplay. Welcome To My Ever-growing Family!
5. PandaTi:”Just a South African Panda here to bring you pro-gamer skills and lots of laughs.” (edited) 
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