Why it’s important to update your MoyaApp

May 24, 2022 | News

MoyaApp is continuously growing, adding more exciting feature and bug fixes to provide you with the best datafree experience ??

If you have not yet updated your MoyaApp to the latest versions, v5.0.1/v5.1.2, and are still using v.4.6.1 (or lower), then you will see the notice to update MoyaApp on Discover. To mention a few reasons, here’s why its important to update your MoyaApp:

  • Updates allows you to enjoy the most latest features
  • Allows you to have #datafree access apps & websites on Discover such a; SASSA SRD website, Live Scores, Flash Scores and more??
  • notify you to allow MoyaApp to run in the background so you get your messages on time
  • older versions (v4.6.1 and older) get outdated and will not be supported
  • Warn you before using a Discover app that is not #datafree
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements

Simply tap to update from Google Play Store , or download APK install file remember, make sure that you data on your phone or be connected to WiFi to update your MoyaApp?

If you are having issues updating your MoyaApp or it say’s “pending”, or your update is simply not going through, you may have a fake copy installed, try uninstalling and or deleing MoyaApp on your phone and download the latest version on Google Play Store ?

Also try out the MoyaApp Support chatbot, simply navigate to the top right corner of your screen where you see the 3 dots then select > Help > tap on MoyaApp Support 

P.S, Info on how to update is always available in, Info & Questions > Ur Questions on Discover.


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