Why it’s important to update your MoyaApp

May 24, 2022 | News

MoyaApp is continuously growing, adding more exciting feature and bug fixes to provide you with the best datafree experience 👌🏽

If you have not yet updated your MoyaApp to the latest versions, v5.0.1/v5.1.2, and are still using v.4.6.1 (or lower), then you will see the notice to update MoyaApp on Discover. To mention a few reasons, here’s why its important to update your MoyaApp:

  • Updates allows you to enjoy the most latest features
  • Allows you to have #datafree access apps & websites on Discover such a; SASSA SRD website, Live Scores, Flash Scores and more👌🏽
  • notify you to allow MoyaApp to run in the background so you get your messages on time
  • older versions (v4.6.1 and older) get outdated and will not be supported
  • Warn you before using a Discover app that is not #datafree
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements

Simply tap to update from Google Play Store , or download APK install file remember, make sure that you data on your phone or be connected to WiFi to update your MoyaApp😁

If you are having issues updating your MoyaApp or it say’s “pending”, or your update is simply not going through, you may have a fake copy installed, try uninstalling and or deleing MoyaApp on your phone and download the latest version on Google Play Store 😉

Also try out the MoyaApp Support chatbot, simply navigate to the top right corner of your screen where you see the 3 dots then select > Help > tap on MoyaApp Support 

P.S, Info on how to update is always available in, Info & Questions > Ur Questions on Discover.


Danko🙏🏽 MoyaApp💙