Why is MoyaPay better than a Bank Account?

Dec 7, 2022 | News

MoyaPay is not a bank account, it is brought to you by MoyaApp (PTY) Ltd. MoyaPay is free and datafree, yes, mahala and no monthly costs!

Why is MoyaPay better than a Bank Account?

  • MoyaPay is cheaper and works for everyone
  • South African citizens AND Foreign nationals in South Africa can get a MoyaPay account
  • MoyaPay is always #datafree to use.
  • You can register on MoyaPay for free, no fees required
  • Get your salary/ wages paid into your MoyaPay account.
  • No Monthly charges.
  • No Debit orders.

How do you get Money into your MoyaPay account?

  • Transfer from MoyaPay  to a MoyaPay account, free.
  • OTT Powerload Voucher  –  at any Boxer store or online
  • Find a MoyaPay agent, give them cash and they will transfer the money into your MoyaPay account – small fee charged.
  • EFT from any Bank at R1.25 fee
  • Flash 1ForYou (coming soon)
  • Cash deposit in shop
  • Masterpass payment
  • cash deposit at Absa ATM.
  • Show your MoyaPay code to get paid
  • Top-Up at till via Pay@

Find out more info on transfer fees provided in the MoyaPay older on Discover. MoyaPay also allows you to access some apps and websites datafree on MoyaApp, no subscription! ?

Join the MoyaPay mahala dololo  #datafree lifestyle now ?

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