The answer to your feedback; we are trying to do our part

Jul 27, 2021 | News

With recent events, we have been getting a lot of feedback from users about checking their SASSA grant status, UIF registrations as well as the SARS website. It is super important that Moya users know that we are not SASSA, UIF or SARS.

We at Moya are trying to do our part by helping our users access the SASSA website #datafree during these uncertain times of  the COVID-19 pandemic (as we pay for the data costs used to access the website), we all know that buying data can be expensive for some who cannot afford to buy it, data ya tura mo Mzanzi, and we trying to do our part to help our users.

With that said, it is super important that you please read the SASSA Help guide available on Moya to understand our efforts on trying to help our awesome users to access the website #datafree, plus we have provided the SASSA contact details for you.

uzozwa uMoya ?