MoyaApp Meets Big Sis!

Jul 31, 2023 | News

As you know, on the 21st of July, Big Sis launched their interactive chatbot and website #datafree on MoyaApp!

On Friday the 21th of July, our MoyaApp team finally got to meet with the Big Sis team for the first time in person to celebrate Big Sis’s success on MoyaApp!

Who or what is Big Sis?

Big Sis offers various advise on mental health, sexual health as well as relationship advise, they also have an interactive chatbot – which is of course is  #datafree to all MoyaApp users.  Big Sis offers a safe space to ask questions that often times we are too shy to ask, especially in South Africa where issues and topics on sextual and mental health are ones not generally talked about at home.  Only in recent years there has been more platforms that offers insight on sextual and mental health, however Big Sis tackles this issue in such a way that it caters to those in need of this important information datafree on MoyaApp (closing the digital gap providing accessible education datafree, therefore promoting digital inclusion to those who cannot afford or have no access to data – talk about ‘killing two ‘spiders’ with one stone).

Be sure to have a look at Big Sis and also have a look at our social media for a snippet of the teams meet up!