MoyaApp joined BigSis Paint Jam!

Oct 4, 2023 | News

If you don’t know about BigSis (by Girl Effect) check it out On MoyaApp!

Some of the MoyaApp team (Bela and Irene) joined the BigSis team in Michell’s Plain on one of their recent community Paint Jam outreach.

We got to engage with MoyaApp users who also chat on BigSis alike to engage with us, paint and chill! We got to meet with some awesome MoyaApp users who found a program on MoyaApp and is now actively participating on the community projects.

The MoyaApp Team and BigSIs will be doing more Paint Jams  at various locations Cape Town so if you see one of our MoyaApp team with a MoyaApp T-shirt, please do come and say hi, and ask any question, we won’t bite, we love engaging with you!

Quick summary: BigSis tackles various social topics including Sexual health education, relationships  and so much more.  On MoyaApp users are able to chat to BigSis, their own private online space to ask questions about anything without the fear of judgment (as some of us may know that sextual health and mental heal issues are not spoken about until recent times in SA), and of course its #datafree; you can read our previous blog titled: ‘MoyaApp meets BigSis!’ – for a memory refresh.

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