Moya Status update is finally here!

Oct 28, 2021 | News

Nazo ?  The ‘not so long-awaited’ Moya status update is now on Moya!

You (and by you I mean ‘we’ ) can now update unlimited #datafree text status updates throughout the day. You can also reply to your contacts status updates -so they know that you know what’s happening?

Please note that picture and video status updates are not #datafree, you must have data or be connected to Wi-Fi to upload pictures or videos to your status. If one of your contacts has added a picture or video status update and you do not have a positive data balance or a Wi-Fi connection, then you will not be able to see your contacts picture/ video update -instead you will only see a blank picture update and can always choose an option to either ‘Always show, Always ask or Always show’ media updates for that contact.

You can read more about Moya status updates in the Info & Questions folder on Discover. There will be more feature updates to the Moya Statuses in the near future, watch the space ?

Uzwa uMoya ?