Important note!!

Apr 4, 2023 | News

You can still chat #datafree on MoyaApp, post datafree text status updates and access datafree banking with MoyaPay 100% datafree.

There is still some content that is datafree access without MoyaPay.

However some apps and websites are only datafree if you have a verified MoyaPay account.  MoyaPay is free, meaning no Monthly charges/ costs, no debit orders ever and datafree.

We pay for the data cost used to access some some of the datafree apps and websites as well as the content. This can be quite expensive bathong, mara siyazama ukusiza ukuthi ube ne nokufinyelela (access) mahhala kwedatha kuzibuyekezo ezibalulekile nolwazi.

It is important to please read Info & questions to understand how MoyaApp works.

Black dot: this means that the app/ website is datafree no airtime required, we cover the data cost, however prepaid access by meeting us ‘halfway’ & pay for the content you would like to see for as long as you would like to see it. (please read more in Info & Questions)

? Orange dot: Not datafree, this app/ website requires you to have data or be connected to Wi-Fi. Using Apps or websites with the orange dot on MoyaApp is cheaper, secure & private compared to using it outside MoyaApp, yes no ads too?
(Read more in Info & Question, try it and you will see!)

We will keep trying our best to provide datafree access to what matters the most, lefa data e tura so?


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