How to win with the Mahala Lifestyle Giverways

Sep 12, 2021 | News

Curious to know how you can participate and stand a chance to win with the Mahala Lifestyle Giveaways on Moya?

Well, if you have received a message on uMoya from the Moya Support chatbot, and you opted for the Mahala Lifestyle Giveaways but completing your profile and answering a few questions -you will automatically be entered into the Mahala Lifestyle Giveaways lucky draw!

Not every participant who complete their profile will win, however by completing your profile, you stand an even chance to win the cash prize of which -if you win, will paid right into your MoyaPayD account. You must be registered on MoyaPayD to receive your reward.

Competition winners will be contacted directly using their registered Moya number, (this is the awesome part where you answer the phone call coming from the unknown number).  Competition winners will also be announced on Moya as well as the Mahala leaderboard in the Competitions folder on your Discover.

We encourage you to please read the competition Terms & Conditions, to know the competition requirements as well as how to receive your reward if you are one of the lucky winners.