Hi! I’m your Moya App Community Manager

Jul 5, 2021 | News

This being my very first blog for all you awesome bom.com Moya App users, it was pretty hard how I should introduce myself, so here we go. Hi, my name is Isabelinha and as the title reads, I am your Moya Community Manager!

A little background about me, I was born in Kimberly and raised all over the Northern Cape. After spending four years at Boarding school in the small town of Boshof (yes, literally a one road town with no major retail/ stores) where you buy Gompie’s kota, not to mention my favourite at the time the ‘rib roll burger’. I had already decided in high school that Cape Town is where I will venture to study Information Technology, and follow my dreams of hiking the great mountains and exploring the Garden Route (still a to do list). Whilst I studied, I got to work as a leadership and skills development facilitator and trainer, working mainly with youth development for four years, then later a software web/app developer and I.T assistant at a University based here in Cape town. Even though I was working at the university, I still did not seem to let go of being a freelance facilitator, which for me connected me to helping people.

I finally focused on my passion to be in the tech co-working space, while helping businesses connect and grow as a Community Associate at WorkInProgress -an ABSA Innovation lab, and yes! This is where I got to meet Mr Gour Lentell himself (sometimes I still cannot believe it), the founder and CEO of Moya App -the app I have been using and introduced to some childhood friends in Kuruman -I have truly lived to meet my role models, blessed to even work along with them.

And here I am today, as your Moya Community Manager I have to ensure that you, our Moya App users are happy and have no issues when using Moya. And to ensure that, we read through each and every user feedback we get from our users, yes I take it personally to know and see that the Moya community is happy. Being your Community Manager also means I have to think of the best  and effective way for you to communicate with us, and us with you.

This blog will also help us keep you updated on recent news regarding Moya as well as addressing any issues we get from the user feedback.

With that said, please keep the feedback coming!

Ka ditebogo, Umoya?