Get Flash Score via Live Scores too

Jun 13, 2022 | News

You can still get Flash Score on MoyaApp, it just moved into the Live Scores app.

Simply go into Live Scores > Navigate to bottom of screen > fourth option (see picture for refence) ?

While on sports, as you may have seen there are some important changes with Live Scores. For the past three years we have been paying a global spots provider for the top quality sports updates for you to enjoy, however this is expensive for us (we also pay for the data you as the user use to browse Live Scores, football news, etc. so we still got you ?).

To help cover the cost and improve the service, we are moving to a prepaid basis for access to live scores, results tables, etc (from 20th June 2022). Football news will remain free, therefore no payment needed.  You can find out more about the pricing in the Live Scores and Flash Scores app. Make sure that you are registered on MoyaPay as you will be using your MoyaPay wallet to pay. You will choose when you want pay and for how long you want  for, all on a prepaid basis. There will never ever be any automatic debit orders ?

?Just to be clear, Live Scores and MoyaApp chat, browsing content on Discover will remain 100% datafree (where applicable), therefore it will not cost you any airtime or data.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding, we will try our best to continuously provide you with the best datafree content??


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