Beware of this Scam!

May 25, 2022 | News

:warning:Scam Alert! :warning:

Please be aware of this fake FaceBook page called “New Moyaapp help about R350” claiming to help SASSA Grant relief applicants check for their application status on MoyaApp.

MoyaApp will NEVER, ever, ask you for your ID numbers or mobile number to ‘help’ check for your SASSA Grant Status. It is important to not share your mobile number as well as ID numbers on social media as this will be used to scam you off your Grant and even your steal your identity (if you have seen identity theft:clapper: )

You as the applicant can check for SASSA Relief Grant Status   #datafree on MoyaApp via the provided #datafree SRD website.Do not provide these scammers with your personal information, ke di tsotsi!:no_mobile_phones:


MoyaApp ?