Best way to qualify for Surveys on MoyaApp Research Panel

Nov 23, 2022 | News

“Why am I not receiving any Surveys?”

“I was doing a survey but I got kicking out for fraudulent behavior, I didn’t do any thing wrong” or “I completed the Survey but I have not received my reward  /airtime”

We have received plenty feedback from panelists asking why they are not receiving any survey, or while completing a survey and suddenly get a notification claiming ‘fraudulent behaviour’.

To answer the first question, panelists are chosen to participate on surveys according the demographic criteria, this is profiled using the questions asked when signing-up on the Panel.  This is way you need to make sure that when registering on the panel you enter the correct phone number and VERY important that you answer the panel registration questions honestly, as this is how we get to choose who to sent the survey to. Surveys are sent to specific criteria that the survey is targeted to.

Second question, survey platforms are now integrated with software that detects when you are answering the survey too fast without reading the question by scrolling and or going back to a question you have already answered resulting in you being screened-out the survey and you will not be able to go back to complete the survey after. So please take your time and read through the survey before answering the questions.

Last but not least, users who qualify and complete the survey will get paid directly into their MoyaPay account once after the survey after all participants or survey quota is complete, so if you don’t have a MoyaPay account register now!

If you have not yet joined MoyaApp Research Panel, o emetse many? Ulindeni ?