Awesome MoyaApp features you may have missed!

Jun 8, 2023 | News

There is more to MoyaApp then meets the eye and all the awesome #datafree content on Discover –  have yo explored some of the chat functions?

  • Get your messages immediately when they are sent, super IMPORTANT: navigate to > Profile > at the bottom of your profile tap on “ENABLE”.
  • Missed some texts or words on your text? Happens to all of us, you can correct your messages once sent. Simply tap on the message you’d like to correct > select ‘Correct Message‘.
  • Have those private chats you just want to keep all to yourself? You can hide your valuable chat!  Simply tap on the contact chat (in the ‘CHATS’ tap) you would like to hide > select ’Hide this chat.  To unhide your chats go into > Contacts > Tap on the contact of who’s chat you had hidden > once chat is open your chat will be available again in the CHATS section.
  • You can reply or quote the text you would like to reply to: tap on the message you’d like to reply to > reply – easy.
  •   MoyaApp Text Status updates are #datafree, and you can reply to them #datafree too.
  • You can notify your contacts when you use MoyaApp > Settings > Broadcast Last User Interaction.
  •  Get notified when new messages arrive > Settings > Notifications.
  • Quiet Hours, your notifications will be silenced when you don’t want to be disturbed: Settings > Quiet Hours > enable quiet hours > set your preferred ’quiet hours’ Of Course you know how to set up dark mode.

💙 Obviously you know your chats are #datafree and 100% encrypted (videos and pictures are not #datafree… uses too much data unfortunately, askies. 😥

💙 MoyaPay account is datafree, no monthly charges and No Debit orders, ever! Addistionally, even Non-South African Citizens can also have a MoyaPay account, join now!