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Pay only 1% to accept MoyaPay transactions

No POS devices needed, get MoyaPay for your unique QR code.

Pay all your staff and anyone else directly to their MoyaPay accounts for one fixed fee.

Registering your business on the Business Portal is quick, easy and carries no cost to you

Once registered, you can choose from a variety of business services like TeamPay which allows you to pay individuals directly into their MoyaPay accounts, this eliminates the need for cash and our secure login protocols protect your personal information.

Accept online payments: You will also get access to the MoyaPay online payment gateway which will allow you to accept multiple payment types, including MoyaPay by making use of the online payment API. Our business APIs further extend your ability to communicate with your customers to offer after-sale services or promote new offerings. Our support team is also available during business hours to help with any queries that you may have.

Also accept payments from any of the following payment partners:

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