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WHAT IS MoyaPay?

MoyaPay is a mobile money account in MoyaApp - free to register and #datafree to use.

You can:

  • store money safely and securely
  • get paid by all people (via bank EFT or QR code scan)
  • receive wages or salary
  • send money to other MoyaPay users or any bank account
  • take cash out at Shoprite, Checkers, Usave
  • withdraw cash at ATMs with your MoyaPay Mastercard
  • pay at all shops using your MoyaPay Mastercard
  • buy airtime, data, electricity and other prepaid coupons
  • purchase a growing range of valuable services and products in MoyaApp

NOTE: You cannot transfer funds from abroad into your MoyaPay account!


Make sure you have the latest version of the MoyaApp - you can update MoyaApp from Google Play

Tap on the MoyaPay icon at the bottom of your phone screen.

Sign-up and start using MoyaPay 😁

What are the minimum requirements to register for MoyaPay?

You must:

  • be 18 years or older
  • have an original South African ID document or a valid foreign passport
  • be using MoyaApp with a South African mobile number
  • reside in South Africa.

Why is it necessary to provide my personal details?

It is important for us to know who you are so that we can keep your money safe according to the regulated and anti money laundering laws of South Africa.

What should I do if my MoyaPay account is blocked?

If your MoyaPay Account is blocked, please contact the MoyaPay support team at or via the support chat ( Help » Talk To Us » Reply [Help])


  • MoyaPay is cheaper and better than a bank account, it works for everyone.
  • South African citizens AND foreign nationals in South Africa can get a MoyaPay account.
  • MoyaPay is always #datafree to use.
  • MoyaPay is free to register an account.

Is MoyaPay a bank?

No, MoyaPay is brought to you by Moya App (PTY) Ltd, a legally registered company in South Africa (Reg#: 2021/515484/07)

All funds in MoyaPay accounts are held safely and securely in a South African bank account managed by Automated Outsourcing Services (PTY) Ltd, a nominee company approved by the Financial Services Conduct Authority of South Africa.

Do I need airtime or data to use MoyaPay?

No! MoyaPay is #datafree and you can use it anytime, even if you do not have data or airtime.


There are many ways to transfer or deposit money into your MoyaPay account:

  1. Transfer from a MoyaPay account. (free)
  2. Find a MoyaApp agent and give them cash and they will transfer to your account (small fee)
  3. Salary / wages payment into your account. (free)
  4. EFT from any bank. (R1.25 cost)
  5. Flash 1ForYou or OTT voucher. (R5 - coming soon).
  6. Cash deposit in a shop. (R7 + 0.7% + VAT)
  7. Masterpass payment. (3.5%)
  8. Cash deposit at Absa ATM. (R7.30 + R1.61 per R100)

1. Transfer from a MoyaPay account or MoyaPay agent

Any MoyaPay account can do a transfer to your MoyaPay account by:

  • Scanning your MoyaPay account QR code
  • Making a transfer to your mobile number.

You will receive the money in your MoyaPay account immediately.

There is no cost to you for the first 5 payments per day you receive from other MoyaPay accounts.

The cost for each payment you receive from other MoyaPay personal accounts when more than 5 per day is 1% of the amount paid to you.

For example, for the 6th payment you receive in one day from another MoyaPay personal account, you will pay 1% of the amount paid.

To display your own personal QR code for your MoyaPay account, go to: Deposit → Show Code:

2. Salary / wages payment from an employer who uses MoyaPay

There is no cost to you if your employer has a MoyaPay business account and makes wages / salary payments to your MoyaPay account.

You will receive your wages / salary money immediately they make the payment (24/7 - any time, any day, 365 days a year).

There is a small fee to your employer to pay wages / salaries using MoyaPay (but much cheaper than their normal bank charges!). Tell them about MoyaPay 😁

3. EFT from any bank

Any bank account in South Africa can make an EFT payment to a MoyaPay account.

For example, you could receive a bank EFT payment to your MoyaPay account from:

  • Your own personal bank account
  • A family member or friend
  • An employer
  • A government agency
  • A public service or charity organisation.

Normal bank EFT processing times will apply before you receive the money - some banks will be much quicker than other banks.

The cost to you to receive a bank EFT in your MoyaPay account is R1.25 per payment.

To find the the EFT details for your MoyaPay account, go to: Deposit → From a bank account.

Give these details to anyone who wants to make a payment to your MoyaPay account via bank EFT.

4. Flash 1ForYou or OTT voucher

Coming soon to MoyaPay.

You will be able to purchase a Flash 1ForYou voucher and then redeem the voucher to add money to your MoyaPay account.

You will receive the money in your MoyaPay account immediately.

Cost will be R5 each time you redeem a 1ForYou voucher.

You can buy 1ForYou vouchers from any Flash / OTT agent or any Flash / OTT shop including PEP, PEPhome, PEPcell, Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Dealz, Ackermans, OK, or House & Home store.

You can also buy 1ForYou vouchers using: MoMo, TymeBank and Nedbank. USSD: Nedbank Cellphone Banking.

5. Cash deposit in a shop via Pay@ network

You can add money to your MoyaPay account by making a cash deposit at shops that are Pay@ Merchants.

Pay@ Merchants include: Boxer, Builders Warehouse, Cambridge Food, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Checkers Liquor, Game, House & Home, Jumbo, Makro, Medrite, OK, Pick n Pay, Pick n Pay Hyper, Rhino Cash and Carry, Shoprite, Shoprite Liquor, Spar, The Fruitspot, Top It Up, Usave.

Inform the cashier at a shop till that you wish to make a Pay@ Deposit.

For more details, go to: Deposit → At a till.

Provide the cashier with your barcode or barcode number.

You will receive the money in your MoyaPay account within 15 minutes.

The cost you for a Pay@ cash deposit is R7 + 0.7% of the amount + 15% VAT.

For example if you want to deposit R100 cash into your MoyaPay account, the cost will be R8.95 and you will receive R91.15 into your MoyaPay account.

6. Masterpass payment from any banking app

You can show your MoyaPay QR code to anyone with a banking app that supports Masterpass payments.

They can use their banking app to scan your QR code and make a payment to you.

You will receive money almost immediately.

The following banking apps support Masterpass scan to pay: Capitec, Nedbank, FNB, ABSA, Standard Bank, RMB Pay, Vodapay.

The cost to you to receive a Masterpass payment is 3.5% of the amount paid.

For example, if someone uses FNB to pay R10 to your MoyaPay QR code (say as a tip), you will receive R9.65 immediately.

7. Cash deposit at Absa ATM

You can make a cash deposit to your MoyaPay account using Absa Bank ATMs.

For more details, go to: Deposit → From a Bank Account.

You will receive the money in your MoyaPay account within 30 to 45 minutes.

The cost to you is R7.30 + R1.61 per R100 deposited.

Contact MoyaPay support

If you have questions or problems with any of these payment options please contact MoyaPay Support.


You can make a transfer from your MoyaPay Account to another MoyaPay Account or Vendor.

Go to Pay →

  • Scan to pay
  • Pay beneficiary
  • Once off payment
  • Official MoyaApp vendors
  • Show code to pay.

Pay for shopping in-store

You can pay for goods and shopping at checkout tills of participating stores including Cape Union, Checkers, Checkers Liquor, Debonairs Online, Fishaways, Keedo, Krispy Creme, Milky Lane, Mugg & Bean, Old Khaki, Poetry, Shoprite, Steers, Usave, Wimpy.

Go to: Pay → Show Code to Pay.

Withdraw cash

You can withdraw cash from your MoyaPay account at participating Shoprite, Checkers and Usave stores:

Go to Withdraw → Select an amount and Generate a token which you must provide to the cashier.

Send iCash Token to any mobile number

Go to Withdraw > Select an amount and Generate a token which you can send to a friend or a family member.

EFT Transfer to any bank account

Go to Beneficiaries → Add beneficiary → Add a Bank Account as a beneficiary and transfer the desired amount.

Purchase Prepaid services

MoyaMall → Select the service you wish to purchase (Airtime & Data; Electricity; Lotto and Entertainment; Vouchers).

Pay any MoyaApp Vendor

Make a payment to any business that has registered a MoyaPay Business account.

Go to: Pay → Official MoyaApp vendors > select vendor you want to pay and enter amount with description and pay.


From the MoyaPay main menu go to MoyaMall > Airtime or data

You can use MoyaPay to buy airtime and data on Vodacom. MTN, Telkom and Cell C networks.

Best of all, MoyaPay is datafree so you can buy airtime data when you have zero balance on your SIM!

Go to MoyaPay now, Click here


How can I see my MoyaPay balance?

When you select the MoyaPay option in the Moya App, your balance is shown at the top of the screen

Can I view a history of my past transactions?

For a full list of your transactions: Main Account » scroll down to see your transaction history.

How do I get statements from MoyaPay?

You can do this in app. Main Account » STATEMENT. You can download monthly statements to your phone!

Can I get a proof of my MoyaPay account?

You can download this to your phone - in app. Main Account » Proof of Account

What is the benefit of adding beneficiaries?

If you want to pay someone and you are far away, adding a beneficiary will allow you to make quick payments over and over again.

How do I add beneficiaries?

There are two ways of adding beneficiaries Beneficiaries and select the Add Beneficiary option OR Pay » Once off payment » select a contact from your phone who you know also has a MoyaPay Account. Once you have paid them, you will be given the option to save them as a beneficiary.


You can get a prepaid MoyaPay Mastercard linked to your MoyaPay account.

What does "Prepaid" Mastercard mean?

A prepaid Mastercard is like a prepaid SIM card.

You add money from your MoyaPay account and only the prepaid balance on the card is available to spend.

When the prepaid balance on the card has been spent, you must add more money before you can use it again.

What happens if my prepaid MoyaPay Mastercard is lost, stolen or copied?

If your card is lost or stolen, transfer the money on your MoyaPay Mastercard back to your MoyaPay Account, if the prepaid balance is zero you do not have to worry! The card cannot be used.

If there is a positive balance on the card, another person will need the PIN code to use the card in most cases (the PIN might not be needed for small payments in shops when the card is tapped on a payment terminal).

A prepaid MoyaPay Mastercard card does not have access to your MoyaPay account to spend your money.

Who can get a MoyaPay Mastercard?

You can get a prepaid MoyaPay Mastercard if:

  • you have a verified MoyaPay account
  • you have a South African ID
  • you have a valid Passport

Can I purchase online with my MoyaPay Mastercard?

YES you can - and it's Secure!

  • When purchasing enter your Name and Surname as registered on your MoyaPay account
  • Once you have finished the online transaction you will receive a SMS with your OTP
  • Enter your OTP online to complete the transaction
  • Funds will be deducted from your MoyaPay Mastercard at no extra charge!

How do I order a MoyaPay Mastercard?

In MoyaPay go to: Card → select ORDER NEW CARD

Each card you order will cost R100. The cost of delivery is R70.

When you order a MoyaPay Mastercard it will be delivered to the closest PEP Store, ShoeCity or TekkieTown in South Africa for you to collect.

How do I activate my MoyaPay Mastercard?

Open the envelope that has your MoyaPay card in it.

In MoyaPay go to: Card » Tap on Link card.

Enter the “serial” number and the card number to link the card to your MoyaPay account.

How do I add money to my MoyaPay Mastercard?

In MoyaPay go to: Card Transfers » Select From Main Account and To the card you want to tranfer funds too » Enter amount, description and click transfer.

How do I transfer money from my card back to my MoyaPay account?

In MoyaPay go to: Card » Select the card you want to move funds from » Card Transfers » Enter the amount you want to pay back into your account and click Tranfer.

Where can I use a MoyaPay MasterCard?

Anywhere in South Africa.

How many MoyaPay MasterCard's can I have?

Each MoyaPay account can have up to 4 prepaid MasterCard's linked to it.

Why would I want more than one card?

You may want a prepaid MoyaPay Mastercard for yourself as well as one or more cards for other family members to use.

For example, you can link a second MoyaPay Mastercard to your account and then send it to a family member who lives in another location.

You can add funds to their prepaid MoyaPay Mastercard at anytime and they can immediately use the card at any shop or store in South Africa.

How much does it cost to use a MoyaPay Mastercard?

There is a fee of 1% to add funds to a prepaid MoyaPay Mastercard from your MoyaPay account. See fees and limits.

There will be a monthly service fee of R9.

You can also use your card to withdraw cash from any ATM in South Africa.

The fee to withdraw from any ATM is R6.93 + R1.19 cents per R100.


Click here to see all fees and limits for using MoyaPay.

  • There are no monthly account charges for MoyaPay - zero!


Debit Orders are not permitted


Is my money safe in MoyaPay?

Yes, as your account is linked to your personal cellphone number and is locked behind a 5 digit pin code which should not be shared with anyone!

How do I activate the fingerprint security feature?

When you sign-up and enter your 5 digit PIN, your phone will ask you to add a finger print if the feature is possible on your specific device.


Want to run your own business?

Make your own pricing decisions, earn straight away, no delay in payment?

Read below…

Be your own MoyaPay agent

Many people want to:

  • buy prepaid airtime & data with cash
  • buy prepaid electricity with cash
  • buy prepaid vouchers with cash
  • use cash to pay into a bank account
  • use cash to send money to other people in another location
  • deposit cash into their MoyaPay account
  • take cash out of their MoyaPay account
  • etc.

To do these things they have to go to:

  • a Flash agent
  • a shop
  • a bank…

If you have MoyaPay you can be your own agent to provide these services.

You can receive cash from people and use MoyaPay to:

  • send airtime or data to any mobile number
  • send prepaid electricity vouchers to any mobile number
  • send vouchers to any mobile number
  • transfer money to any MoyaPay account
  • send money by EFT to any bank account
  • send a cash-out voucher for Checkers/Shoprite to any mobile number
  • buy digital products on behalf of someone…

You can also receive money from any MoyaPay account and then give as cash to the person.

You can do all these things as a service and charge a fee.

The fee can be whatever you decide.

Make your own business decision.

Phanda Hustler!


What happens when I get a new phone?

As long as you have the same number, you can download the MoyaApp and simply Login to your MoyaPay wallet.

Can I have more than one MoyaPay account?

You can only ever have one MoyaPay account.

Can I login to MoyaPay using someone else's Moya app?

No, and that is because we want to keep your money safe.

How do I retrieve my PIN?

If you have forgotten you're PIN, you will need to select the 'Forgot Pin' option on your login page. You will receive a temporary PIN in your Moya Chat which you can use to login and change your PIN. Never share your PIN with anyone!

Where can I find the Terms of Service and Privacy policy?

You will see this as part of your sign-up process or it can be found in the app Settings » About MoyaPay - Underneath the FAQ's section

Call Centre Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 20:00
  • Saturdays and National Holidays: 08:00 - 15:00
  • Email us at
  • Use our in-app support function - Setting » Help » Talk to Us
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