What is Moya?

#datafree messaging

  • Like WhatsApp with no data cost
  • Moya Messenger works even when a user has no airtime or data balance
  • #datafree messaging channel to engage with staff, customers and potential leads


  • #data free media and advertising
  • Captive audience
  • Immersive full screen media
  • All-in-one app to browse and discover content
  • A growing range of #datafree content and online services

    separate screens

    for personal and group chats.

    Audience Profile

    Some Facts About Our Users

    With 1 million daily active users (and counting) here is what we have gathered


    53% female 47% male


    69% between 18-35


    23% married


    35% gauteng
    21% western cape
    18% kzn


    R10 billion p/m 


    80% LSM 3 to 7
    90% non-white

    App Features

    full screen vertical ads

    • Use existing campaign collateral, Moya Ad specs are in line with Instagram Stories ads
    • Immersive full screen, vertical video / rich media ad format
    • Swipe-up click thru to #datafree landing page
    • Ads run across Moya Discover (not in messaging)
    • High user engagement (because it’s #datafree)
    • Typical swipe-up / click thru rates between 10% to 30%
      (because it’s #datafree)
    • Cost per view (CPV) pricing


    • Include your full website or parts of in Moya Messenger Discover
    • No need for user to leave the Moya app
    • CPC pricing
    • Reach a mobile first audience not easily reachable on
      other platforms
    • Build Brand Value and Drive Engagement with Moya’s
      1 million DAU’s
    • 50x higher user engagement than other platforms, because it’s #datafree

      discover user journey

        Sponsored Messaging

        Engage your users, customers, members, leads etc. through opt-in #datafree messaging:


        • No data cost barrier – users receive and reply to messages #datafree
        • Always on – users receive messages even when they have no airtime
          or data
        • Messaging API plus online dashboard
        • Individual or broadcast messaging
        • Include links to #datafree content
        • Bot integration
        • Simple pricing per message, or cost per user per month for unlimited messages
        • Much lower cost than SMS or WhatsApp Business