what is #datafree?

enabled by reverse billed “toll free data”

Addressing over 2‚000 tech experts from over 91 countries‚ President Ramaphosa said currently

 20-million South Africans did not use the internet due to unaffordable data prices‚ lack of
internet-enabled devices and lack of access.

“Yet‚ about 87% of households in South Africa have access to mobile phones‚ presenting us with a great opportunity to overcome digital exclusion and to drive inclusive growth and innovation‚” he said.


the app install challenge in africa

We surveyed people in SA townships about data usage and installing apps:


  • 82% of people regularly run out of data
  • Most people have no or irregular access to WiFi
  • Reasons why people don’t install apps:
  • No spare storage on phone (34%)
  • Data cost to download (29%)
  • How long will use an app (21%)
  • Apps steal your money
  • 90% of people get apps through sharing
  • 81% of people had less than 5 apps that they installed
  • Everyone had WhatsApp!
  • When people have no data it’s messaging they miss the most