MoyaPay & PowerLoad Terms and Conditions

  1. The ‘MoyaPay – PowerLoad Competition’ (the competition) is open to all South African citizens or permanent residents with valid ID documentation as well as valid foreign passport documents over the age of 18
  2. The participant must complete the KYC registration process to register on MoyaPay. Entrant(s) must ensure that they provide valid Identification documentation to complete the MoyaPay KYC registration process to verify their MoyaPay account. Please note that invalid/false Identification with a photograph and proof of address will result in the rejection of (your) MoyaPay account verification. Participants with the rejected KYC’s need to restart the registration process and provide valid KYC documentation and information to register and verify their MoyaPay Account.
  3. The user(s) must Top-Up their verified MoyaPay Account via PowerLoad at any Participating Boxer Superstore retailer(s) (any Boxer Store) with a minimum of R300 (ZAR).
  4. Participants must use their valid MoyaPay account to make in-app purchases. In-app purchases include: Airtime, Data and Electricity worth R100 (ZAR) or more in a (single) month. Therefore , the participant(s) must make in-app purchases amounting to the total amount of R100 (ZAR) in a single month in MoyaPay. 
  5. Participants will be competing  to stand a chance to win the new Samsung Galaxy A13 6,5″ DS LTE 64GB. One New Samsung Galaxy A13 6,5″ DS LTE 64GB to be won for the month of which the competition is running.
  6. The winners prize, a Smart phone (new Samsung Galaxy A13 6,5″ DS LTE 64GB) will be sent directly to the winner’s address with the Paxi (delivered to the winners nearest Pep Store) delivery services
  7. To enter the Competition, you (“the Participant(s) /Entrant(s)”) must participate in the lucky draw(s) by Topping-Up their (your) MoyaPay account  VIA PowerLoad at any participating Boxer Superstores and make in-app purchases in MoyaPay as stipulated above.

    Participating retailers are as mentioned:  
    • Boxer Superstores (Any Boxer store(s))

  8. By registering and submitting personal information on MoyaPay (and MoyaApp) to enter this competition, Participants agree to receive emails and/or SMS’s and/or Calls and/or Social and digital conversations (chats) containing product and service offerings and updates from MoyaPay (and MoyaApp) and/or its affiliate partners. Participants will be given the opportunity to unsubscribe to all communication using the ‘MoyaPay + PowerLoad Competition’ Contact/Feedback form and the MoyaPay feedback form provided in the Competitions folder on MoyaApp’s Discover using “OPT-OUT” as the Subject option.  Participants can also unsubscribe/Opt-Out by deselecting “Updates about MoyaApp ” in the “Notification” option located in MoyaApp’s Discover Tab in the folder: “Info & Questions”.
  9. MoyaPay and MoyaApp shall use and take care of any personal information you supply as described in its privacy policy, a copy of which can be viewed on and and in accordance with data protection legislation.
  10. By entering the Competition, you agree to the collection, retention, usage and distribution of your personal information in order to process and contact you about your Competition entry, and for the purposes outlined above.
  11. The Competition winner’s MoyaPay registration and or onboarding information may be checked via call after the competition. Incorrect or inappropriate information will lead to disqualification. Under such circumstances, a redraw will take place and a new winner will be announced.
  12. Entries on behalf of another person will not be accepted and joint submissions are not allowed. Only 1 main entry per person is allowed unless Participants earn additional supplementary entries as outlined in these Terms and Conditions.
  13. If Participants have any questions about how to enter or in connection with the Competition, please contact us using the ‘MoyaPay + PowerLoad Competition Contact/Feedback form’ and the MoyaPay feedback form found in the Competitions folder on MoyaApp’s Discover tab. Participants may also refer to the competition page at: PowerLoad Competition for more information. Please note that competition information is also included in the MoyaPay folder on Discover.
  14. The competition will start/ run from October 2022 and the closing date of the competition (subject to change)is March 2023. Therefore, MoyaPay and involved parties have the right to give notice to terminate and or extend the competition date (deadline). Competition closing date will be communicated to participants using the MoyaPay chatbot on MoyaApp. Should there be a closing date, entries received after the closing time will not be considered for the lucky draw, unless the competition deadline has been extended and communicated as such by MoyaPay. MoyaPay (and MoyaApp) reserves the right to extend the competition deadline by up to one(1) month. Any such change in the deadline will be communicated to all Participants within MoyaPay support Chat.
  15. One Monthly winner(s) will be chosen from a random draw of entries received in accordance with these Terms and Conditions up until the end of each random draw day(s) per monthly draw. The draws(s) will be performed by a random computer process. The monthly draws(‘s’) will take place each at random for the month of October 2022 (and, or) November 2022 (Competition date can be extended for a month(s)). The winner(s) will be called and or sent a message on MoyaApp via the MoyaPay support Chat Bot directly after the live draw process to inform the winner(s) of their prize. The winners(s) will also be announced on the MoyaPay and Payload Leaderboard, which will be updated after each draw(s).
  16. Each Competition Winner(s) (“Winners’ ‘) drawn monthly will receive a chance to win the new Samsung Galaxy A13 6,5″ DS LTE 64GB, delivered directly to their provided address.
  17. MoyaPay and MoyaApp accept no responsibility for any fees associated with paying the prize(s).  The prize(s) are in no way transferable or exchangeable.
  18. If a winner rejects their prize or the entry is invalid or in breach of these Terms and Conditions, the winner’s prize will be forfeited, and MoyaPay shall be entitled to redraw another winner.
  19. The winner/s may be required to take part in promotional activity related to the Competitions and the winner/s shall participate in such activity on MoyaPay (and MoyaApp) reasonable request. The winner/s consents to the use by MoyaPay (and MoyaApp) and its related companies, both before and after the closing date(s) of the Competitions for an unlimited time, of the winner’s voice, image, photograph and name for publicity purposes (in any medium, including still photographs and films, and on the internet, including MoyaApp website and social media pages) and in advertising, marketing or promotional material without additional compensation or prior notice and, in entering the Competition(s), all entrants consent to the same.  The winner/s may explicitly inform MoyaPay by submitting and choosing OPT-OUT request as the contact form Subject (line/option) using the MoyaPay & PowerLoad’ Feedback/Contact form provided in the Competitions folder on MoyaPay folder on Discover that they want to opt-out in which case the consent will be revoked. Participants can also unsubscribe/Opt-Out by typing/replying “STOP” in the MoyaPay support chatbot. Participants and users can stop receiving these messages by replying “stop” or update your notification preferences here within MoyaApp: at any time.
  20. The information you provide will be used for purposes as outlined in these Terms and Conditions.
  21. Employees, agents of or consultants to MoyaPay (and MoyaApp) and any associated entities or their immediate family members may not enter the Competition(s) or win the prize.
  22. MoyaPay accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by you as a result of entering the Competition(s) or accepting the prize(s). MoyaPay (and MoyaApp) further disclaims liability for any injury or damage to your or any other person’s electronic equipment relating to or resulting from participation in or downloading any materials in connection with the Competitions. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude the liability of MoyaPay (and MoyaApp) for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation as a result of its negligence.
  23. MoyaPay (and MoyaApp) reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, this Competition(s) with or without prior notice due to reasons outside its control (including, without limitation, in the case of anticipated, suspected or actual fraud).
  24. The decision of MoyaPay in all matters under its control is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.