Reach and engage Moya’s nearly 3 million daily active users in South Africa.

How It Works

  • Simple onboarding process, approval is all we need
  • No need to modify your website as our Datafree Platform technology takes care of it all
  • Moya Discover is like a shopping mall
  • Take your website to where the people are
  • No need for expensive online ads asking users to leave where they are to come to you, at their data cost
  • In Moya Discover users simply walk through your door, #datafree
  • Users stay in the Moya app whilst visiting your website
  • Super-high user engagement – because it’s #datafree


  • Include your full website or parts of in Moya Messenger Discover
  • No need for user to leave the Moya app
  • CPC pricing
  • Reach a mobile first audience not easily reachable on
    other platforms
  • Build Brand Value and Drive Engagement with Moya’s
    1 million DAU’s
  • 50x higher user engagement than other platforms, because it’s #datafree

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