#datafree enabled open communication

With your employees, customers, students, communities

The Moya Business API powers communication with mobile users across South Africa, connecting #datafree in a simple, secure, and reliable way. 

View the Moya Business API technical specification here.

Simple Pricing

Simple low cost, unlimited use pricing

Quick Setup

Our team will assist you in setting up your account quickly.

#datafree Links

Include #datafree URL links in messages, driving engagement at no cost to the consumer.

Moya Discover

A distribution channel in its own right closing the loop with messaging.

#datafree chat

Users are now able to receive and reply to messages even if they have no airtime or data on their sim.


Maximize engagement

Send information, promotional material, link to #datafree content and provide support with higher user engagement by removing the data cost barrier.

Moya Business API Pricing

One-time set up fee of R2,000 per registered business phone number

Up to MAUs
Monthly fee
Additional MAUs fee
1 10,000 R2,500 R0.270
2 50,000 R10,000 R0.220
3 100,000 R15,000 R0.170
4 250,000 R35,000 R0.160
5 500,000 R50,000 R0.140
6 1,000,000 R100,000 R0.120
7 2,000,000 R170,000 R0.100
8 3,000,000 R230,000 R0.090
9 4,000,000 R250,000 R0.075
10 5,000,000 R290,000 R0.070
  • A monthly active user is a mobile phone number that has received a message from the enterprise during the month.
  • Customer chooses the preferred package based on the estimated number of MAUs.
  • No requirement for pre-approved template messages or fees.
  • Monthly fees invoiced at the start of each month, additional MAUs invoiced at end of the month.



Contact us for MAUs above 5 million

Per message pricing is available on request

Additional #datafree (reverse billed) data usage, for example media sharing, links to content downloads etc. enabled by the Datafree Platform charged at R0.16 per MB, based on actual usage and invoiced paid monthly.